Attention for the environment

Besides safety and quality, Cordeel also focusses on the environment.  We are diligent in our compliance with environmental standards and have ISO-14001 certification. Preventive environmental measures are incorporated in our QHSE manual and are part of our VCA policy. 

Maximal recycling

We separate waste at all our construction sites diligently and keep waste to a minimum. Our objective ― maximum recycling. We expect the same from our sub-contractors and suppliers. Our environmental supervisor reports on all waste flows during every project. Our clean construction sites contribute to waste conscious management and are of vital importance for a safe work environment and overall job quality. 

Efficient use of material

We work with materials as efficiently as possible. At our production facilities, processes are automatised by using optimised software which minimises waste material. Waste can be prevented by taking standard material sizes into account.

We are currently renewing our vehicle fleet so that all our vehicles in due course will have an A label motor.