Building together

Cordeel stands for an integrated approach. You don’t have to look any further for a suitable location, architect or contractor. From day one we work closely together with you. Our starting point ― your requirements and preferences. Based on your needs, we put together a team of architects, engineers, cost estimators, installers, fire experts, acoustic advisors etc. All experts, each with their own field of expertise.

We work together with the customer as a team, we think together and have the same approach. This results in an optimal and cost efficient design. A sustainable design for ongoing satisfaction.

Design & Build, an approach with lots of advantages:

  • We guarantee that design, the licence procedure, realisation and maintenance will be optimally coordinated.
  • Personal and involved: your project is Cordeel’s major priority.
  • One contact person ensures clear communication free of misunderstandings.
  • From the start, the project’s design and budget are matched so that you are not confronted by any unexpected surprises.
  • Our team’s short communication lines allow us to react quickly and flexibly.

Interested in hearing more about our Design & Build approach? Then contact us.