Sustainable maintenance of your property

Initially we only carried out maintenance on our own realised projects, but after having received a number of customer requests, we decided to establish the Property Maintenance Service department.


We deliver customised solutions for the entire Dutch real estate market. From scheduled maintenance and renovations to supervision work and 24/7 incident services. Our production facilities support our Property Maintenance Service. This is why we can offer fast and customised solutions.

Our experienced employees are used to working under pressure and in specific environments such as logistic buildings, factories and shopping centres etc. Our work will not disrupt your work. Your operations can continue and your employees can carry out their work.

Cordeel Property Service offers you:

  • Multidisciplinary property maintenance (construction, installation engineering and infra)
  • Small-scale new building, extensions [modifications, restructuring] and renovations
  • Long-term maintenance contracts (NEN 2767)
  • Contract maintenance
  • Supervision activities
  • Mutation activities
  • Building restoration
  • Interior building
  • Finding and resolving construction, structural and physical structural engineering problems
  • Resolving emergencies and damage repair

Interested in how Cordeel’s Maintenance Service can be of help? Then please contact