What drives Cordeel in the Netherlands?

Driven and full enthusiasm, we safely design and realise quality and sustainable buildings and structures for companies and governments. The focus is always on customer satisfaction and respect for people and the environment.

This is the first paragraph of our Mission Statement which every Cordeel employee in the Netherlands signs. It explains our conduct and how we want to work with you.

Our values

  • Safety First: we work safely or we don’t work at all.
  • We deliver quality and our focus is on satisfying customers.  
  • We treat our customers with respect and dignity. We respect agreements made and fulfil our responsibilities. Under no circumstances do we allow ourselves to be distracted by discussions with suppliers or sub-contractors.
  • We deliver quality from an integrated quality system based on priorities:
    • Identify hazards and risks and take precautionary measures.
    • Don’t start without thorough preparation.
    • Incorporate quality checks and do not place blind trust in suppliers and sub-contractors.
    • Learn from mistakes and share knowledge and experience within the company.
  • We are proactive, seek solutions and avoid creating problems.  The added value we deliver derives from our knowledge and craftsmanship.
  • We seek long-term cooperation with customers, employees and sub-contractors.
  • We act in an honest and reliable manner, have respect for one another, and are self-critical. We treat others the way we want to be treated.
  • We invest in our employees’ education and wellbeing; our company’s most valuable asset.
  • We have respect for the environment and engage in sustainable entrepreneurship.
  • We enjoy our work and are proud of our collective achievements.